Saturday morning Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell enjoying the late summer sunshine.


Midsummer sleep patterns

We’re a week after midsummer, and although sunrise is now as late as 0439 today and sunset as early as 2212, it’s still light enough to see your way after midnight in the gloaming. Argyll is not that far north, and we don’t have the simmer glim that Shetlanders do, but this is a time of year when my sleep patterns are very different from the rest.

For about three or four weeks either side of midsummer, I’ve learned not to expect much more than about four or five hours of sleep a night, much less than my customary seven or eight. Even with the curtains closed, I still go to bed later and awake earlier than at other times of the year. The interesting thing is that I don’t feel deprived of sleep, although I might just take a wee nap at my desk for ten minutes in the middle of the day – much to the amusement of my colleagues. I’m thinking of having a hammock installed in the storeroom …

A wee snippet from Dunfermline Abbey

I was in Fife for a course last week and managed to make a flying visit to the Abbey before it closed. It being Fife, the beggars took my money before telling me the place was closing in five minutes. Anyway, a quickly-snatched photo on the phone, no less, gives you an impression of the sheer quality of the Norman architecture here. I shall return.

Land and sea

This is the view back up the Keils peninsula with the Sound of Jura on the left. The islands of Jura and Scarba are visible. There was once a ferry to Jura from this peninsula.

This is the view from the southern tip of the peninsula, with only a few skerries between here and Ireland about 75 miles away.

We’ve had a stunning weekend in Argyll, and this was from a walk out yesterday evening after supper. We’re getting to that point in the year where long evenings make evening expeditions worthwhile.