Bouncing back to blogging

I used to write a blog. In fact, I wrote over 500 posts in a previous one, but gave up the habit about four years ago. I’ve decided to get back into the blogging thing now, but for slightly different reasons.

The old blog told everyday stories of my life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m proud of some of the writing I did on that blog, but it was written under a pseudonym, and here I want to write as myself, and as my professional self – whatever that strange amalgam of qualifications, interests, skills and expertise happens to be from time to time.

The final prompt for me was reading Richard Maun’s book Bouncing Back. Richard is someone I know slightly, but would like to know better. He’s an insightful and fascinating man with a wealth of business experience and a skilful and captivating teaching and mentoring style. We’ve met at a TA peer group we both attend – me less frequently than I’d like, because I’m 500 miles away from Suffolk.

His book, Bouncing Back, is the fifth he’s published and is focussed on the tasks involved with recovering from redundancy, business failure, or other seemingly catastrophic events in business or professional life. Well, for business or professional, you can read whatever it is that you do to be fulfilled and purposeful in your life. I’ve been through redundancy in the last couple of years and am establishing myself in a new professional role in a redeployed post. This has turned out to be a real opportunity for me even if I am having to relearn technical skills in health and safety that I either forgot 30 years ago when I qualified or, more accurately, never learned in the first place.

The other context for this return to writing has been the challenge of building an effective professional network for my professional body here in Scotland. At a meeting this week, the issues being discussed and the thoughts being processed as a result of reading Richard’s book came together synergistically. Because what we’d been doing for the last couple of years hadn’t worked, we need to do something different. Because I am more than a local authority EHO, I want to do something different.

Bouncing Back discusses the role of social media in building a personal brand. It also provides tools for imagineering new futures when the old ones have run their course. It’s because of this that I have decided to own a wider and more personal professional identity, not just as an environmental health practitioner, but also a photographer, humanist, trainer, memetic engineer and transactional analyst. There’s more – I’ve loads of skills and experience that I have and can draw on, but I may refer to those in the course of future posts.

So, having thought about who or what I want to present to the world, I’ve aligned Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now this blog to that same purpose. I believe I have interesting things to say and good tips and advice to share, and I’m going to do it here.



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