Kilmory burial ground 1

The date on the gate

The gates to Kilmory burial ground in Lochgilphead bear the date 1846.
© Patrick Mackie 2012

This is the first of a series of images taken in early October. The burial ground lies close to my office and is little-visited. This image is of the gate.


2 thoughts on “Kilmory burial ground 1

  1. I like this picture. It has extra resonance here in BC because legally it is a very important date – it being the year that the Crown declared sovereignty over what is now British Columbia. It thus is a date that is featuring hugely in all the First Nations land claims and is a key date for many statutes. A real lawyers date! I wonder if there are dead lawyers in this cemetery.


  2. There can never be enough dead lawyers, although I don’t remember seeing any. Mostly merchants and farmers. I’ll have a look, just for you, when I next wander down that way. That won’t be tomorrow – the weather forecast is pish.


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