Kilmory burial ground 7

Leaves and stones

Leaves and stones.
Kilmory burial ground, Lochgilphead, Argyll.
© Patrick Mackie 2012

This is the last of a series of images taken in early October. This was the last picture I took when I was laving the burial ground.


4 thoughts on “Kilmory burial ground 7

    • I agree. It was the one that I felt best represented the place. I like the layers of leaves and stones with their overlays of moss and lichens, with the earliest hint of the end of summer in the leaves.
      Part of the sense of depth seems to come from the light shining through the mossy fringes of the gravestones.


      • Interesting thought about the mossy fringes, and now you mention it I think you are right. Those little snippets of orange lichen probably help too. Was it taken with quite a long lens?


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