Glasgow colours 3

Blue passage

Passage at the City Chambers, Glasgow
© Patrick Mackie 2012

This is the third of a series of images taken in Glasgow in mid-November.


5 thoughts on “Glasgow colours 3

  1. I have to say I prefer the blue to the red in your next shot. I am going to guess this is you and photoshop having a fine old time since the registration of the upper colours to the architectural details seems just a bit too precise for lights. Nicely done in any case.


    • I prefer the blue as well. Very little tweaking in these shots other than correcting verticals and dynamic range. They are sequential; the uplighters change colour, so nothing to do with me. Again, taken with a handheld compact camera held against railings to minimise camera shake.


      • Well that is a bit of a surprise – they must have some kind of lens, or worked with shadows to get that nice alignment of colour along the ceiling moldings. The coloured lighting seems a bit garish for a nice bit of architecture that is going to draw the eye anyway.


    • I see what you mean about the registration of the colour to the architectural details. This is either good design on the part of the lighting installer or just chance with the shadow from the string course unmasking the white lighting.


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