Some oddities from Edinburgh

The weekend before last I was up in Edinburgh for the Geograph conference, which is a photography cum maps cum geography project with a website at It does score pretty high on the Parka Scale of anorakism, but it keeps me off the streets and in the hills most of the time.

The following pictures are three things that caught my eye:

The sunshine in Leith reflected through a blue glass and a glass of Peroni:

Peroni Colours

The stern stone bull over what was once a butcher’s shop on St. Mary’s Street in the Old Town:

Butcher's Bull

An oblique shot of windows in the side wall of a building in Holyrood Street:

Green Wall


3 thoughts on “Some oddities from Edinburgh

  1. Very nice shots Patrick. I think the first one is my favourite, but I like your composition of the last one too. And the colours. Do you suppose a building of that colour cheers up the long grey winter days in anyway? And would wearing an anorak heighten or diminish the effect?


    • I thought you’d like the first one! The eastern end of Holyrood Street does have some striking architecture with that building and the Scottish Parliament building as well. I’m unable to speak authoritatively to the anorak factor; perhaps you might know a Canadian photographer who’s studied the effect?


      • Canadian benefit: we don’t have anoraks here. Not by that name anyway, nor the connotations that go with them. However, I think it must be true that bright colours make a difference in long grey winters, especially if there are periods of sunshine to bring them to life.


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