Medlars in an English garden

I had the pleasure of staying with friends in Colchester for a few days last week.  They have one of those quintessential English trees in their garden, a medlar. The fruits won’t be ripe until they are almost rotten on the tree,  by which time they are unparalleled as an autumn fruit.

I first encountered medlars when I was working in Somerset in the early 1980s. The tree was in a garden in Enmore, a village on the eastern slopes of the Quantock Hills, and I’d never seen one before. The fruits were much smaller than these. I have seen medlars on sale in Somerset greengrocers, but rarely. Get them if you can.

Update: This post was originally posted from my Google Nexus 7 whilst on a train; I couldn’t manage to insert the intended photo. Here it now is.

6 thoughts on “Medlars in an English garden

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  4. Have just discovered a medlar tree where my partner works as Chef in Somerset, have to look up what can be done with them now! Am guessing a jam though what it will be like haven’t a clue, anyone know?


    • Hi Helen, I first came across a medlar in Enmore, but they are often found around Somerset – Clarks Village has some stonkers! I think they are usually made into jelly rather than jam, but do need to be left on the tree until they are soft and brown on the inside.


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