St Mary’s, Mundon

St Mary's, Mundon
St Mary’s, Mundon is an Anglican church in Maldon, in Essex. It was one of the sites I visited on my day-trip to the town  this month, and these are a few images from the church. To find out more about the church and its history, you can visit its website at

Some more images after the fold:Rood stairs

These are the rood stairs, which would once have taken the priest to the head of the rood screen in the early period of the church’s occupation. The lighting is natural.

Maldon millennium window

This window was installed in 1991 to commemorate the millennium of the Battle of Maldon, which ended in complete defeat of the local Saxon forces by a Viking fleet. More information on the battle can be found at

The window itself cast slashes and smears of coloured light through the nave of the church, and I’ll upload some images of the glass-stained light in the future.


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