My pledge to Kelvin – fulfilled

In June I referred to the meeting of the CIEH’s Assembly of Representatives, at which members were asked to pledge something to further the cause of environmental health research and help to build the knowledge base.

I have now posted a paper on an obscure corner of environmental health administrative practice on this blog. That fulfills the pledge, but begins another journey of enquiry.

This is the first time I’ve ever published a paper, even on a blog, so it will be full of epistemological and other rational holes, and readers are invited to comment on it to improve the quality and usefulness of the information.

You can read the paper on this page.

2 thoughts on “My pledge to Kelvin – fulfilled

  1. Patrick, apologies for the delay. I’ve written comments onto the paper and uploaded it to dropbox.

    personal data redacted

    Regards, Kelvin


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