Road trip

Road trip

This image is a processed composite of two photographs, both hand-held and several seconds apart. That’s why the two layers don’t register accurately, but that actually gives the image some of its charm, to my mind. In fact, I was reasonably lucky that they registered this well (with a little rotation of one of them).

The road is the A816 Lochgilphead to Oban road, just north of its junction with the B840 to Cladich, along Lochaweside. I was exploring the hillside close to the road end (referring to the B840) and had a great viewpoint of this sweeping curve from the top of a huge boulder that had tumbled down the hillside.

I like this sort of effect, crude though it is, and I am interested in the layering of different cars going up and down this stretch of road into composite images, so I think I should return with a tripod to make life easier. If the camera permits, I might even try multiple exposures. (I’ve checked; it does, so there’s a new challenge.)


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