No Sugar Added

Jolly good, I thought, when my pal Ian gave me a sample of his favourite Malaysian coffee filter bags, I don’t like sugar in my coffee.

Hainan Lao Front

Well, the coffee was certainly strong, and very dark, and … somewhat tar-like. It certainly left an almost indelible stain on the counter in the kitchen! And thank you Ian for an unusual experience.

Being a bit of a label-reader, which probably comes of being an EHO in Scotland and therefore I’ve been involved in food labelling issues, I turned the packet over.

Hainan Lao Back

Carefully hidden under the folded seam was the list of ingredients. Reassuringly, coffee was “Not Less Than 50%”, but …

Hainan Lao Ingredients

… next in line was sugar, not bad for a product with “no sugar added”. Obviously food labelling laws in Malaysia differ somewhat from UK and the EU. Perhaps the sugar was present in the form of caramel, which would explain the gravy-browning appearance.

And come to that, I can understand salt as an added ingredient, but margarine?

It’s a wide, wide, world.

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