The Gathering at Taynish National Nature Reserve

Taynish National Nature Reserve is a wonderful place. It’s essentially a small peninsula surrounded by the water of Loch Sween and lies close to the artistic and yachty village of Tayvallich. The natural landscape is one of Atlantic oak woodlands – Argyll’s very own rainforest – bogs, meadows, shore and saltmarsh. It’s one of the delights of Knapdale and well managed by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).


Right now, and for the next month, the artist Rob Mulholland has installed a number of his mirror figures in and around the reserve, along the path to the old mill. Last weekend I went for a walk to see these, and several of the posts from the last few days came from there. Over the next few days I’ll be posting up some photos of the figures, one or two of which aren’t that easy to spot in the landscape.

The installation is part of the Artmap Argyll project, in which our friend and neighbour Inge Bos will be exhibiting some of her paintings.

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