Brave pizza delivery boy

Le Dresseur d'Oursons

This statue stands in the Esplanade de la Tourette, opposite Marseille’s St. Laurent church and overlooking the Fort St. Jean and the old port.

Its proper title is Le Dresseur d’Oursons, and is the work of Louis Botinelly, whose atelier was in the city. The sculptural group dates from 1911. It shows a young acrobat dressed in a loincloth who plays the tambourine with his foot on a ball whilst training two bears in a balancing act.

Our hilltop holiday home


By the time this is posted, we’ll be back in London, having travelled by TGV from Marseille to Paris and by Eurostar from Paris to London. The village is Cabriès in Provence, where we’ve spent a fantastic two weeks cat-sitting for my cousin.

Think of me tonight in my Travelodge in the east end of London.