Up in Glasgow for a week

I’m going to be up in Glasgow for a week, doing the third week out of six of study for my NEBOSH diploma. Although the course is run out at the airport, I’m staying in the city centre. For a couple of reasons: firstly, I’d booked the hotels when the course was being run in the city centre, and secondly, I’d go stir-crazy spending a week in an airport hotel. I much prefer to get out and stretch my legs around town in the evenings and find new good places to eat and pubs with good beer to sup while I do my prep for the following day.

I’m taking the camera, but I’m not taking the laptop because the hotel has crap wi-fi, even when you pay for the upgrade from the free service. So, after many hours of frustration and getting cross because the bloody interweb couldn’t connect to my PC last time, I’m freeing myself from all that angst and just taking my phone and tablet. Which means that, if any photos from Glasgow do pop up here in the next week, they’ll be little tasters taken on the phone and there should be more to come when I get home.

I have a couple of things lined up to do, if homework permits. One is the Glasgow Skeptics event tomorrow night at the Admiral bar on the topic of fracking. Another is having a pie and a pint with a colleague who lives in Glasgow. And it’s the last night of Celtic Connections tonight, so something folky might yet happen. And, yes, I know it’s the Old Firm match today and the place could get a little frisky, but that’s all part of the fun.


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