My Kama Sutra pleasures

At Charlotte Hoather’s suggestion, I’m at the Kama Sutra on Sauchiehall Street. Nicely-decorated with fat, red vase-like columns spaced through the room and booths separated with elaborate wrought iron railings on top of the dwarf walls. Because I’m on my own, I’ve chosen to sit in a corner from which I can  watch the other diners. I’ve even got a view into what looks like a very organised kitchen.
Chaana Poorie to start and the imprecation to “enjoy the food please”.
Good, hot and spicy chickpeas with slivers of fresh coriander to balance the flavours. Augurs well for the main course of lamb bhindi wala with lemon rice, which is up next.
The ceiling of the dining room is decorated with another large piece of wrought iron and wood in the form of a long canoe, with outrigger forms to take lamps. Very effective and visually interesting.
The main course met the description on the menu, which is a rare thing. The lamb was tender and the rich sauce with okra and coriander hot and sweet.
And, best of all, I got a 20% discount for my hotel. Nae bad at all.


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