Morrison’s Bar, Clyde Street, Glasgow


This is the sign over the entrance to the former Morrison’s Bar on Clyde Street in Glasgow. The sign itself tells one story, but the pub has another.

For folk who aren’t familiar with bar culture in Glasgow, the “T” sign refers to Tennents, a Scottish brewer of chilled pish passed off as lager. The 35ml is more welcoming, in that it indicates that this pub would have served spirits in the more generous measure of 35ml, compared with the parsimonious English who serve spirits in 25ml measures and generally charge the same. Personally, I tend to refer to 25ml as the “hotel measure”, because that’s another way hotel bars have of picking your pockets when all you want are a couple of drams to ease the night spent on a bed made from cross-laid broomsticks and the corpses of dead dogs.

The other thing I like about the sign is the over-painting which has occurred at some time in the past, moving from a blocky sans-serif font, rather 70s, to the smarter, serif font.

The pub closed in 2011 due to flood damage, not from the adjacent River Clyde, but from burst pipes in the upstairs offices.


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