This is my last ever tax disc for a car. The UK has moved over to electronic vehicle duty enforcement and we no longer require to display the tax disc on our cars. There are still some around, because the last tax discs to expire will do so this autumn, and some people are leaving them on display.

The car itself is no more; I’ve sold it to a dealer in part-exchange for a pre-loved Skoda Octavia. The dealer will get bugger-all for it anyway, it had done 304,562 miles and the body-work had taken a battering from the tar sprayed on the road to the village.

Tax discs always had a splash of colour to them and no two consecutive ones ever seemed to be the same. I still have the tax discs for this car going back to August 2004, but not the first two that were on the car, which is a bit of a shame.


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