A cat photo


The weather’s been horrid here for the last week or so, and I’ve not been on any expeditions with the camera. However, the cat can oblige with a sceptical squint to break the drought.


Lochan an Torrnalaich


Out for a very pleasant walk this afternoon in warm spring sunshine. This is Lochan an Torrnalaich, viewed from the south and through a polarising filter. Plenty of deer, including a 12-point red stag, and lesser celandines and primroses peeking out here and there.

[Correct name of lochan applied.]

Hazel catkins


The first signs of spring are often catkins. These are from a hazel in our garden. The hazel is at the bottom of the garden, at the top of the small bluff falling down to the burn below. The tree itself came up with us from Somerset as a cutting.


Auchinellan waterfall VI


This is a view from above the pretty little Auchinellan waterfall. I like the bunched veil effect of the water cascading towards the waterfall.


Auchinellan waterfall V


Paul Braterman, who writes the very excellent Eat Your Brains Out blog, prefers shorter-exposure photos of waterfalls, so this one’s for him. 1/125 second exposure, but still some motion blur visible.


Auchinellan waterfall IV


Another view of the pretty little waterfall close to Auchinellan House, taken in the early dawn light of last Saturday.


Auchinellan waterfall III


To avoid the contrasty light which affected my last shoot at the waterfall, I went out at dawn on Saturday. I had hoped to get low sunlight coming through the trees onto the waterfall, but it was cloudy and I got even, flat light instead. This time I did a little more gardening to clean up the cascade and the plunge pool.


European robin (Erithacus rubecula)


I was out early yesterday morning to photograph the Auchinellan waterfall again, when I was joined by a robin. The robin is one of the most curious and least timid of British birds and this one stayed within a couple of metres of me for a series of shots.


For readers from any other part of the world where you’ve got birds called robins, they’re counterfeit, and this is the original and best.


I can haz box?


No matter the pedigree, no cat can resist a box. Tinkerbell was fascinated by this box for a couple of days before we put it on the floor for her – we think it’s because it had plants in it and retains an earthy smell for her. Fortunately, she hasn’t confused it with her litter tray – yet!


Ghost sign


This ghost sign is on the side of a derelict building in Hunter Street to the east of Glasgow’s city centre and within 500m of the cathedral.