Lochan an Torrnalaich


Out for a very pleasant walk this afternoon in warm spring sunshine. This is Lochan an Torrnalaich, viewed from the south and through a polarising filter. Plenty of deer, including a 12-point red stag, and lesser celandines and primroses peeking out here and there.

[Correct name of lochan applied.]

Auchinellan waterfall III


To avoid the contrasty light which affected my last shoot at the waterfall, I went out at dawn on Saturday. I had hoped to get low sunlight coming through the trees onto the waterfall, but it was cloudy and I got even, flat light instead. This time I did a little more gardening to clean up the cascade and the plunge pool.

European robin (Erithacus rubecula)


I was out early yesterday morning to photograph the Auchinellan waterfall again, when I was joined by a robin. The robin is one of the most curious and least timid of British birds and this one stayed within a couple of metres of me for a series of shots.


For readers from any other part of the world where you’ve got birds called robins, they’re counterfeit, and this is the original and best.

I can haz box?


No matter the pedigree, no cat can resist a box. Tinkerbell was fascinated by this box for a couple of days before we put it on the floor for her – we think it’s because it had plants in it and retains an earthy smell for her. Fortunately, she hasn’t confused it with her litter tray – yet!