Petition to Abolish Church Seats on Scottish Education Committees; 9 Good Reasons to Sign

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As I explained in my last post, a pre-devolution law requires three unelected church representatives as full voting members of every Council Education Committee in Scotland, and I strongly urge my friends to support the Edinburgh Secular Society petition ( to read and, if you agree, sign, click here) to change this. I recently discovered that the law also requires Diocesan representation in England, from Church of England and the Catholic Church. I suspect that the reason for having three representatives in Scotland is the fractious history of Scottish Presbyterianism.

The Rev. David Fraser’s church  quotes experts 99.9% sure that they have found Noah’s Ark (this, from his Church’s web site, is just a scale model). The Rev. David Fraser sits,unelected, on Clackmannanshire’s Education Committee 

Anyway, there we are, stuck (as the law stands) with three representatives of religion, whether anyone wants them or no. One chosen by (not just…

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One thought on “Petition to Abolish Church Seats on Scottish Education Committees; 9 Good Reasons to Sign

  1. This petition itself fizzled out for technical reasons a while back, but the issue is not going away, and right now, you can contact your councillor, especially if you live in Clackmannnanshire, Fife, Falkirk, South Lanarkshire, or the Western Isles, to protest that an unelected creationist (or worse; and there is worse – see full post) is sitting and voting on the local education committee which is in charge of your schools.


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