Cork Evening Echo Opinion Column: Why I spoke up for marriage equality

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My feet were sore and my back was at me.

It was two days to the Marriage Equality referendum and I’d taken some time off work to help with Yes Equality Cork. I had never canvassed for anything in my life and my experience of going door-to-door in rural towns and villages had been almost universally positive. I was finding standing on the street in Cork a lot more daunting.


Outside the city library at lunchtime, I decided a friendly, indirect approach was best.  Holding my Yes Equality leaflets in my hand, I greeted people “Hello! Are you voting on Friday?” The most common answer I got was along the lines of “I am voting. And I’m voting Yes.” Some people said they hadn’t made their minds up yet. I asked if they had any worries or doubts and almost all said they didn’t, which led me…

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Choir practice


Choir practice in Hereford Cathedral on Sunday afternoon. There was a little bit of incense floating around to add to the atmosphere. One little girl was sitting in the stalls in the nave with her parents, who were just enjoying the music. In her own authentic way, she definitely wasn’t and had her fingers in her ears.

Oil lamps


This is a view of the interior of St Brigid’s Church in Skenfrith, Monmouthshire. The oil lamps appear still to be in use.

I’m currently camping in Herefordshire and haven’t had decent access to wifi for four days, and it’s a delight to be sat in a cafe in Hereford enjoying both that and a decent coffee.