Look at the view


A bonus bank holiday moggie toggie. This is Tinkerbell’s first time on top of the shed. She got down by the simple expedient of jumping the six feet to the ground, her tummy fluttering in the breeze.


2 thoughts on “Look at the view

  1. Lovely to still get updates of Tinkerbell’s progress. She will love the freedom of the outside world and being able to get a higher vantage point from which she can view her ‘kingdom.’ Her breed always favours high vantage points as they, like leopards, naturally are nocturnal hunters, preferring to leap down on rodent prey. Just a few generations ago her breed was created by crossing Asian leopard cats with domestic tabbies. Birds are relatively safe as few of them are nocturnal fliers and are therefore not hard-wired into natural hunting instincts.


    • We’re glad you’re enjoying the updates. We had a full kitchen this morning for breakfast – a local Sunday custom – and she was quite at ease with the crowd. She’s got a favourite spot on the sofa when staring out of the window is getting too tiring.


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