A vision for environmental health

I attended the CIEH Assembly of Representatives today, and it was good to see the work that the professional body is putting into identifying and meeting the challenges of the future. The profession can be proud of the people who work for the CIEH and their commitment to keeping environmental health relevant in the face of stringent and biting cuts in local government finances in UK. One of the tasks we were given was to describe a vision for environmental health in ten years’ time. This is what our table came up with:

Honest: speak truth to all without fear or favour

Holistic: engage with all the determinants of health


Beneficial: to society, our communities, the environment and those in government

Engaged: ever-broadening the scope of the profession to include all those whose work affects the public health

Active: to do things that make a difference and are visible to people

Global leader: to learn from the world and provide leadership in environmental health science and practice

Expert: building the professional knowledge base and sharing the learning

Influential: being visible and unavoidable in the public discourse

Responsive: identifying emerging issues and providing a prompt and effective response

There were many other contributions to the same task and this is only the subset of our own small table.


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