HMS Eclipse (H08)

On which Lawrence Mackie served from January to April 1941


The photograph of HMS Eclipse at anchor is FL 11548 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums (collection no. 8308-29) and in the public domain.

From Wikipedia:

HMS Eclipse was an E-class destroyer of the Royal Navy that saw service in the Atlantic, Arctic, and Mediterranean theatres during World War II, until sunk by a mine in the Aegean Sea on 24 October 1943



January Flotilla duties with Home Fleet in continuation.


15th          Deployed as screen for HM Battleship RODNEY with HM Destroyer ELECTRA during Ocean Escort for military Convoy WS6A during passage from Clyde to Freetown

17th          Detached from WS6A with HMS RODNEY and HMS ELECTRA.


25th          Joined military Convoy WS7 with HM Destroyer FOXHOUND for anti-submarine protection during passage in NW Approaches.

28th          Detached from WS& with HMS FOXHOUND on arrival of Ocean Escort.

April          Nominated for refit

12th          Under refit by HM Dockyard, Devonport.


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