HMS Mendip (L60)

On which Lawrence Mackie served from September 1944.


This photograph of HMS Mendip moored is by a Royal Navy official photographer – This is photograph FL 15174 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums.

From Wikipedia:

HMS Mendip (L60) was a Hunt-class destroyer of the Royal Navy. She was a member of the first subgroup of the class. The ship is notable for seeing service in the navies of three other nations after her use by the Royal Navy. She saw service in the Second World War and later as an Egyptian Navy ship in the Suez Crisis. She was captured in battle on 31 October 1956 by the Israeli Navy and re-commissioned as INS Haifa (K-38).

HMS Mendip was named after the fox-hunt on the Mendip Hills in Somerset, which form the northern skyline seen from the family’s post-war home in the village of Mark. provides the following photograph of, and chronology for HMS Mendip during the period that Lawrence served on her:



July to September  Under refit.

October       Post refit trials.

29th    On completion of sea trials took passage to Clyde are for calibration of D/F equipment and prepare for work-up.

November    Passage to Scapa Flow to work-up with ships of Home Fleet.

15th    Over ran mooring buoy at Scapa Flow during work-up with damage to both screws and underwater detection equipment Dome.

16th    Docking delayed by weather conditions.

18th    Repair in Floating Dock commenced.

24th    On completion of replacement of both screws undocked and took passage to Sheerness to resume Flotilla duties.

26th    Rejoined 21st Destroyer Flotilla at Sheerness. Nominated for escort of military convoys to Antwerp as part of Nore Local Escort Force. (Note: Port was not opened until 28th after the Scheldt Estuary had been cleared of mines (Operation CALENDAR)

28th    Deployed with HMS GARTH for escort of military convoys and patrol in Nore area.

December    Nore Local Escort Force deployment in continuation.Escorted military convoys to and from Antwerp and carried out patrols in Thames Estuary and southern North Sea.



Military convoys to and from Antwerp and commercial North Sea convoy escort in continuation. (Note: Patrols for interception of SCHNORKEL fitted submarines enemy minelaying craft were increased, In addition Atlantic convoys to London were being routed through English Channel after the allied advance in NW Europe.)

21st    Sustained underwater damage when ship ran aground

23rd    Under repair to underwater fittings by HM Dockyard Chatham


13th    Resumed duties in Nore Local Flotilla on completion of repair work.

21st    In action with HMS GARTH and Motor Gunboats of Coastal Forces against E-Boats attacking North Sera convoy near Hearty Knoll LV. (Note: Free French Destroyer LA COMBATTANTE (Ex HM Destroyer HALDON, a Type II HUNT Class) was lost in an adjacent area on 23rd, either by mine or E-Boat attack.)


Nore Local Flotilla duties for escort and patrol in continuation.


Military and commercial convoy escort in continuation.

12th    New Commanding Officer, Lieutenant L E Blackmore joined ship.


Escort deployment continued after VE Day for military convoys and Nore Command to June requirements with Local Flotilla.


Nominated for duty in Clyde for destruction of surrendered U-Boats (Operation DEADLIGHT) Took passage to Greenock for DEADLIGHT duties.


Deployed in Clyde area.*

Post-war Notes

HMS MENDIP was deployed for tow of U-Boats during DEADLIGHT until January 1946 when the ship returned to Sheerness to prepare for Paying off.

* This does not correspond with Lawrence’s letters from the ship at the time, which make reference to lying-up in Harwich on the 4th August and passages to Germany and Rotterdam in the latter part of the month of August and to Antwerp in September 1945.


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