HMS ML 246

On which Lawrence Mackie served from March to September 1944. He was in action on D Day off Juno Beach in support of British invasion forces.


The photograph is of a sister motor launch, HMS ML 303 during the invasion of Normandy on D Day. Hampton, J A (Lt) Royal Navy official photographer- Imperial War Museum Collections Search A 23877.

From Wikipedia:

The Fairmile B motor launch was a type of motor launch built by British boatbuilder Fairmile Marine during the Second World War for the Royal Navy for coastal operations.

HMS ML 246 was built at Sheerness Dockyard and commissioned in July 1941, when she entered service with the Free French Navy. She returned to the Royal Navy in August 1942. The Coastal Forces Veterans Forum provides the following service history for ML 246:

Wartime Activities

7/41 Free French = St Ives
1/7/41 20th ML Flotilla assembling at Portland
ML 123, ML 192, ML 245, ML 246, ML 247, ML 262, ML 267 and ML 268
2nd Division 20th ML Flotilla (Based on Portsmouth)
Convoy escort in English Channel
4/42 20th ML Flotilla (Based on Weymouth)
Convoy escort, patrols and Air Sea Rescue
8/42 Returned to Royal Navy Crew transferred to 23rd MTB Flotilla (Free French)
19/8/42 Operation Jubilee – Raid on Dieppe
SGB 5 (Grey Owl) ,SGB 9
MGB 50, MGB 51, MGB 312, MGB 315, MGB 316, MGB 317,MGB 320, MGB 321, MGB 323, MGB 326
ML 120, ML 123, ML 189, ML 190, ML 193,ML 194, ML 230, ML 246, ML 292, ML 309, ML 343, ML 344, ML 346, RML 513
6/44 Operation Neptune Invasion of Normandy
20th ML Flotilla Based on Portsmouth
Operation Neptune – Invasion of Normandy
ML 123, ML 146, ML 147, ML 151, ML 198, ML 205, ML 246, ML 247, ML 269, ML 297, ML 902 and ML 903
Navigation Leaders at Juno Beach
14th ML Flotilla

Post War Fate

11/45 Burma RNVR
1/46 For disposal


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