The longer I stare at this image, the more I can only see …

… bollocks.


I’m not inclined to beat about the bush here. Reflexology is utter, utter cock. (It’s my blog and I can say what I like, but only because it’s true.) This picture has resurfaced in a couple of clickbait articles and made its way into my Facebook news feed. It originated with someone selling a useless electronic device and who obviously needed an illustration to go with it, and used a cheap and nasty image editing programme to slam some text and images onto a picture of a hand. Does anyone really think this crap is real? A good test of the reliability of the method is to see whether all the available charts agree. Have a look at this Google search and decide for yourself if they do.

And come to that, why are “diabetes” and “blood sugar” so far apart? No, I don’t need anyone to answer that because it’s all male chickens.


3 thoughts on “The longer I stare at this image, the more I can only see …

  1. But, ironically, the neuroscientist Ramachandran draws our attention to how the neural map of the body repeats itself at the cortex model of the foot, so that foot reflexology is not necessarily baseless. Whether mappings are general or personal, I have no idea but if Ramachandran is right in relating this to synaesthesia, probably the latter.

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    • There’s no doubt that massages are relaxing and make people feel good, but that’s a long way from the claims that reflexologists make. Have you heard of Glasgow Skeptics? They meet in the Admiral in Waterloo Street on Mondays and I try to get there when I can or there’s a particularly interesting topic. Well worth a visit. You can find them on t’interweb and see what’s coming up.

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