Fan vaulting in Bath Abbey


This is another picture from my brief trip to Bath a week ago. The fan vaulting in this abbey church is spectacular and amongst the best in the country, totally enhanced by the golden Bath stone (an oolitic limestone). The ceiling was originally built under Robert and William Vertue and restored by Sir George Gilbert Scott in the 19th century.

Mersey dawn


When I arrived off the overnight ferry from Belfast Monday last week, I had some time to kill before heading on to the Environmental Health conference in Nottingham. So I turned right and drove up to New Brighton to catch the sunrise over the Mersey. I’ve got lots of nice moody shots of orange clouds, but I rather like this one with the lone fisherman and the pilot boat heading upstream.

Update 31/10/2015 – This picture has just won first place in the weekly photo competition on Chester Cathedral III – the Nave won second place.