Farmer says refrigerating raw milk as soon as it leaves the goat helps kill potentially harmful bacteria.

Er, no it doesn’t.

This news item comes from Alaska, home of such intellectual luminaries as Sarah Palin. Here, a couple of goat farmers have set up one of those infamous herd-share arrangements to supply raw milk to the small town of Petersburg. But why are people wanting to drink raw goats milk? According to the farmer, Tabitha Nelson, it’s because theirs is “quality milk that doesn’t have all that industrialized stuff in it”.

Tabitha Nelson, child and goats

Tabitha Nelson, child and goats

And people buy into this tosh. According to the same news report, Petersburg resident Gina Esposito owns a share of the milk and it’s worried about getting sick from processed milk. “The more you learn about where food comes from, the more paralyzed you feel about what you want to buy,” she said.

For those who haven’t heard of it before, herd-sharing is one of the ways some American states allow people to get around food safety laws prohibiting the sale of unpasteurised milk and milk products. All you have to do is buy a share in the herd and bingo! you’re no longer a customer but an owner and you’re merely sharing the products as a dividend of ownership.

I’ve written before about a cow-sharing scam in Tennessee:

The shocking story of an outbreak of E. coli O157 infection associated with the consumption of raw milk came to my attention as a result of a story on US Food Safety. Nine children became ill after drinking raw milk from a farm in Knox County, in a state where it is illegal to sell unpasteurised milk. Five of  those children require hospital treatment and three went on to develop the severe, and irreversible, consequences of haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS). [read more here]

And in February this year I also wrote about the risks of drinking raw milk.

Later this evening I’ll be posting a link to a YouTube talk I’ve prepared on suchlike nonsense in the realms of rare beefburgers and the dangers of E. coli O157. Watch this space.

By the way, thank to Doug Powell and the excellent for the story. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

3 thoughts on “Farmer says refrigerating raw milk as soon as it leaves the goat helps kill potentially harmful bacteria.

  1. Being the daughter of a farmer (he also held a degree in Agriculture) I have never understood why some people want to drink raw milk. I am a qualified Chef so also know about bacteria and it’s potentially lethal effects. Is good to hear someone speaking out against what I feel is just a trendy whim on some peoples part. Raw milk is also usually more expensive which means it must be better for you is that it? Bit like farm shops I think! A rip off!

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