More people getting suckered by neo-Nazis on Facebook

I’ve previously commented on the trend for fascist groups to exploit people’s genuine patriotism by getting likes for Facebook posts. Today I came across another example:

Lancaster flypast over poppies

Taken from Facebook group “I Am Proud To Wear My Poppy”

Perhaps I’m just a little bit too skeptical when I see pages and groups like this and can’t resist the urge to look under the bonnet and see what’s driving them. This one’s not difficult, nearly everything on their page is a repost from another Facebook group called “Knights Templar International”. And what do they like on Facebook?

What sort of groups does "Knights Templar International" like?

What sort of groups does “Knights Templar International” like?

Okay, after I stopped laughing I checked out some more of their likes:

More lovely people liked by those cuddly Knights Templar International

More lovely people liked by those cuddly Knights Templar International

I think you get the picture. But I was still curious: surely a group with the name Knights Templar International would be a fine, upstanding group of lads and lassies and no doubt their website was a little more measured and temperate in tone? Er, no. This splash screen is the first thing you see when you go there, buckle up:

Now there's a lovely inclusive welcome.

Now there’s a lovely inclusive welcome.

The opt-out-of-the-poll option is charmingly, “I wish to remain silent”. A short read will tell you that this is a patriarchal, right-wing xtian fundamentalist group with links to the Russian right wing. Women are welcome to join, but essentially only as camp followers. The group’s officers have wonderfully wizardly titles such as The Grand Master, The Grand Seneshal and The Grand Scrivener. In case you’re wondering, the last is the title given to the webmaster. You can join as an Associate and after as little as six months without having blotted your copybook you can apply to become a genuine Knight Templar, getting your cape, sword, gloves, Templar jewel, etc. for the price of your application fee. These people are more than just a little up themselves, but no less dangerous for all that.

So the moral of the tale remains the same: be careful what you like and promote on Facebook unless you really want to be counted amongst their kind.


3 thoughts on “More people getting suckered by neo-Nazis on Facebook

  1. Thanks Patrick, I tell people that talking about politics or religion is like talking about masturbation: no matter how big a part of your life it is, or how much you enjoy it, or how much time you devote to it, I don’t want to hear about it and it damned sure doesn’t belong on Facebook.

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