A damehood for Margaret Whitehead

Professor Dame Margaret Whitehead From www.crewechronicle.co.uk

Professor Dame Margaret Whitehead
From http://www.crewechronicle.co.uk

This is good news for the public health and environmental health communities. The Crewe Chronicle reported last month (I’ve only just spotted this) that Professor Margaret Whitehead was awarded a Damehood in the New Year’s Honours List. Professor Whitehead is head of the University of Liverpool’s department of public health and policy and was recognised for her outstanding contribution to society’s understanding of health inequalities, with a significant influence on public health internationally.

Students of environmental health will recognise the Dahlgren and Whitehead model of the determinants of health which suggests the relationships between the individual, their environment and health outcomes.

It’s always nice to put a face to a name.

And if you’re interested, the model is visually represented thus:

Social determinants of health - Dahlgren and Whitehead 1991


2 thoughts on “A damehood for Margaret Whitehead

    • Yes, under general socio-economic conditions. I think these days we’d talk much more about deprivation being one of the factors that influences life-time health outcomes, because it’s about access to resources, services and better conditions. The factors that are influenced by deprivation are in the model, but I agree it doesn’t jump out at you.


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