Leaf litter mosaic


From my walk around Loch Barnluasgan yesterday.


Blue boat on Loch nan Gillean


This boat is moored on Loch nan Gillean, which lies adjacent to the path from Cougie to Loch Affric. The photo was taken in mid-September.


Sunday fungi


These impressive beasties were all over some tree stumps at the end of the garden earlier in the week. Identification welcome.


If you have an idle teenager, this ad has the bed for them



How the Church of Scotland justifies its unelected Education Committee appointees; assumption, presumption, and privilege

Primate's Progress

scotsparliamentlogo Our petition to the Scottish Parliament seeking to remove these unelected representatives is still open for signature here

As regular readers will know, moves are afoot to remove the three Church nominees who sit, with no regard to the electoral process, on every Local Authority Education Committee in Scotland (you can help by simply signing our Parliamentary Petition here).

In England, the legal requirement is for two such representatives, one from the Church of England and one from the Catholic Church. Something ought to be done something about this, although the English educational system, disrupted and fragmented, is now largely out of the hands of the local authorities anyway. There is much be said about the situation developing in England, little of it complimentary, but that is not my present concern.

churches_of_scotland_timeline3 Schisms and mergers among Scottish churches since the Reformation; Wikidwitch via Wikipedia. Click on link for clearer image

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