A year of Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell has been with us one year today. Here are her appearances on this blog since then. Click to embiggen.

Backlit cat



Finally we get a cold, clear, sunny day after an interminable period of wind and rain. Tinkerbell loves to sit on top of one of the cars at our head height, and will always come over and investigate if you point a camera at her. The image has been manipulated out of the camera.

Saturated cat


Time for a Saturday cat. When this gets posted I’ll be in Poland, and Tinkerbell will be in the tender care of our neighbours for a few days.

The effect was the in-camera high-saturation setting, which works well with the old carpet and chair covering. It gives herself a somewhat baleful stare.

Nest cat

It’s Friday, so it’s time for a Tinkerbell Toggie. She’s become a lover of finding obscure places to curl up and make nests, and here we’ve disturbed her reveries just as she was looking ever so cute.