Old St Enoch subway station

Old St Enoch subway station

This is another night-time picture from my last trip to Glasgow, letting the camera do its own thing, with reasonable results.

The building stands in isolation in St Enoch Square, just north of the River Clyde in Glasgow’s city centre. Originally built in 1896, this was the ticket office to the subway (Glasgow’s own underground railway) and the headquarters of the Glasgow District Subway Railway Company. When the St Enoch subway station was redeveloped in the 1970s the building became redundant and is now a Caffè Nero coffee shop.

The building is a visual delight and is, of course, listed. The listing details can be found on the Historic Scotland Listed Buildings register.

Gwynne House, Whitechapel

Gwynne House

Designed by the architect Hume Victor Kerr in 1934, this modern movement 5-storey apartment block in Turner Street was originally used by the London Hospital as staff accommodation.The building makes a feature of its curved staircase tower, which in Scotland would be called a close. The image is of the junction between the staircase tower and the balconies giving access to the individual apartments.

The building was sold to private developers in 2012.