Nest cat

It’s Friday, so it’s time for a Tinkerbell Toggie. She’s become a lover of finding obscure places to curl up and make nests, and here we’ve disturbed her reveries just as she was looking ever so cute.


I can haz box?


No matter the pedigree, no cat can resist a box. Tinkerbell was fascinated by this box for a couple of days before we put it on the floor for her – we think it’s because it had plants in it and retains an earthy smell for her. Fortunately, she hasn’t confused it with her litter tray – yet!

A companionable cat

companionable_cat_1200c This chair, next to my desk, is where Nish always used to curl up when I was working (or loafing). It’s nice to have a cat’s company, and it was really pleasing when Tinkerbell assumed the position last night. She was only startled when the printer started chuntering, and it really grabbed her attention! wassat_1200c

Queen of all she surveys

Queen of all she surveys - Tinkerbell likes high viewpoints.

Queen of all she surveys – Tinkerbell likes high viewpoints.

Now she’s nicely settled in with us, we’re giving her free access to the cat-flap and the world outside her window. She’s not going too far, and returning after not many minutes, but is getting more familiar with our garden. We think her first encounter with next door’s she-cat “Pong” (named, unfortunately, not for Siamese ancestry but for her osmic qualities as a kitten) will be interesting for both.