All trials registered, all trials reported

That is the objective of the initiative of Sense About Science, Bad Science, BMJ, James Lind Initiative, the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine and others from research, patient groups and medicine.

It is now clear beyond any doubt that the essential evidence on which doctors and patients can make decisions about the efficacy and appropriateness of drugs and other treatments have simply gone missing. The regulators have failed the public and permitted an environment within which drug companies can game the system, keeping vital information away from practitioners and patients.


The Alltrials initiative seeks to change that. Add your voice to the petition and make the difference that could make all the difference to the health and wellbeing of those you love, and those you don’t.


Outrageous racist reporting by the BBC (and The Guardian)

The BBChave been reporting on the crush deaths of members of the public attending a New Year’s Eve fireworks event in the Ivory Coast [link here]. I first heard about the tragedy when listening to the radio and heard the newsreader use the term “stampede” in relation to the crushing. The Guardian uses the same verb. Let’s look at what appears to have happened: Continue reading

Oot and aboot

We’ve had friends and family up for Hogmanay this year, which has added yet more fun to the traditional celebrations here in our Argyll village.
My son and my grandson (his nephew) came up with us from Somerset when we drove back after our Christmas break, and some friends from Essex arrived to share a Scottish Hogmanay in their huge motorhome, which just fitted on to our drive, albeit relegating our cars to the roadside.

I’ll pass over the Hogmanay celebrations – if you weren’t there and all that.

Yesterday we took our traditional walk to the top of the hill behind the village. In previous years there have been up to twenty people out for the climb, but the weather has been foul, so it was only myself and the two men from our visitors, with one other villager, who took to the walk. It was wet, windy, cold and thoroughly horrible, but we made it to the top and were rewarded with a view up the loch and out to the islands; the Gulf of Corryvreckan was just about visible in the gloom.

Today I took our visitors off to see the beaver dam and pool at Loch Coille Bhar in Knapdale. Still raining and windy, but we did see lots of fresh signs of beaver activity and had a good look at the dam from the pontoon on the loch. [Link to the beaver trial website.]

We drove back across Moine Mhor and stopped at Kilmartin to have a look at the carved grave slabs in the church yard there.

Having decided we’d had quite enough culture for the day, we came home to find my wife had got us hot soup and bread ready for us, and a dram or two of malt whisky finally cleared the wet and cold from us.

Supper’s on the go, and with work tomorrow, it’s a last chance to relax in good fellowship before the real world intrudes again.