Cloister monoliths I


This is a view through the mirrored monoliths in the cloister of St Andrew’s RC cathedral on Clyde Street in Glasgow. This is just around the corner from my hotel. The posts tomorrow and Thursday will be other views of the same mirrored slabs, which cluster around a small fountain and rill. Unsurprisingly, there are biblical several references to water on the slabs.

Standing man and walking man

These sculptures are by Sean Henry and stand beside the Paddington canal basin, close to the railway station. They were installed in 2004 and are cast in bronze, with oil paint finish. They are slightly larger than life-size.

I came across them on a winter afternoon’s walk, which meant that the statues were in flat shadow. I took two crops from the original photograph, each of which has a different sense of space and relationship between the two figures. Continue reading