Poppy day in Glasgow – it’s a military operation

Poppy day cadets
Yesterday (Saturday) you couldn’t move in the city centre for cadets on every corner – almost at every lamppost – selling poppies. They were sent out in platoons from the Council Chambers in George Square, which is where I encountered these three youngsters.

I wonder if they know that the only reason to keep the charitable poppy appeal going is that the state cynically doesn’t spend enough money to look after its own veterans and the families of dead and injured servicemen, whilst rolling out the full panoply of state religion and the Crown in Parliament to support the public appeal?

Man at work

Man at work
I’m in Glasgow for the weekend and, now that it has stopped raining and I can get out from the cafe to play with the camera, I’m going to post a quick photo from last Saturday, when I was back in Glasgow to pick up my car from the repairer.

The photo was taken in Argyle Street through the window of one of the shops under Glasgow Central Station. I don’t blame him for reading the paper and not using the cross-cut saw – it’s missing one of the blade guards!