Ben Donich

Ben Donich is one of the Arrochar Alps, a cluster of mountains near the Argyll village of Arrochar. This hill is 847m high, which makes it a Corbett.

This is the view from the summit, looking towards Ben Lomond, with The Cobbler and Ben Narnain on the left.

One of the features of the walk up from the Rest and Be Thankful is the rock step, which has to be descended on the ascent and ascended on the descent. It sounds more exciting than it is, although it’s a real obstacle in icy conditions.

That was my first proper hill of the year, and a reminder that there’s an awful lot of up involved in going up a hill.

Whooper swans leaving Argyll

Yesterday afternoon I watched this group of 15 whooper swans fly in to Loch Ederline; this morning I saw them fly off on their spring migration north to their summer breeding grounds. There were a total of around 32 whoopers overnighting on the loch, being given close attention by the resident pair of mute swans.

The flock circled around the village a couple of times and then headed out west towards the sea. There are a number of juveniles in this group of birds.

It won’t be long now before the incoming migrants, ospreys, swallows and martens return from lower latitudes. Spring’s finally around the corner.