European robin (Erithacus rubecula)


I was out early yesterday morning to photograph the Auchinellan waterfall again, when I was joined by a robin. The robin is one of the most curious and least timid of British birds and this one stayed within a couple of metres of me for a series of shots.


For readers from any other part of the world where you’ve got birds called robins, they’re counterfeit, and this is the original and best.

More fungi

This post was shared on Tumblr and has since gained over 30,000 notes. That makes it my most popular photo ever published, and it was an afterthought that I posted it in the first place.

Someone on Tumblr has identified the fungus as Honey Fungus (Amillaria spp.). Apparently they are edible, but I’m not going to try.

Patrick Mackie

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Beinn Bhàn the morning after the night before

Beinn Bhàn with snow

The 319m (1056 ft) high Beinn Bhàn clear of the cloud of yesterday and in the early morning light.

There was a party up at the big hoose last night for friends celebrating dad’s 50th and daughter’s 21st. Well, to be honest, there were at least three different parties going on with young people in one room, old people in another and the middle-aged and badly-behaved in a third. We left fairly early because of the revision I mentioned yesterday, but no doubt there are some sore heads around. At least the view from our window appears to be clear-headed.


The underside of small bracket fungi growing on a fallen Scots pine limb. Flash-illuminated

The underside of small bracket fungi growing on a fallen Scots pine limb. Flash-illuminated.

The weather around here has been foul for days, so it was a delight to be able to get out of the office for a walk at lunchtime today. And, like a good boy, I took the camera with me. This is all that’s fit to share.