Auchinellan waterfall III


To avoid the contrasty light which affected my last shoot at the waterfall, I went out at dawn on Saturday. I had hoped to get low sunlight coming through the trees onto the waterfall, but it was cloudy and I got even, flat light instead. This time I did a little more gardening to clean up the cascade and the plunge pool.

European robin (Erithacus rubecula)


I was out early yesterday morning to photograph the Auchinellan waterfall again, when I was joined by a robin. The robin is one of the most curious and least timid of British birds and this one stayed within a couple of metres of me for a series of shots.


For readers from any other part of the world where you’ve got birds called robins, they’re counterfeit, and this is the original and best.

Auchinellan waterfall


This small waterfall is on the burn that runs past Auchinellan House on its way to Loch Ederline. I’ve spied this shot out on a few occasions, but there was enough water going over on Sunday to let me get this 1-second exposure. I did some gardening to remove debris from in front of the waterfall to clean the shot, but some escaped me. I didn’t crop it out, because I would have lost too much of the water landing in the pool. Memo for next time!