A beaver walk

Last Sunday, before social-distancing rules really kicked in, H and I went for a walk down to the Dubh Loch in Knapdale, just to see what the beavers had been up to over the winter. Answer: plenty. Here are some photos of what was easily-seen and which shows examples of beaver signs for those who’ve not seen them before.

Yes, busy as as beaver is a thing.

Beaver feeding station

Beaver feeding station beside Loch Coille-Bhar

Reinforced dam on the Dubh Loch

Reinforced dam on the Dubh Loch

Reinforced dam on the Dubh Loch

The beavers’ technique for building dams shows well here, where they’ve reinforced the Dubh Loch dam.

The flooded Dubh Loch area

The flooded Dubh loch area, with standing deadwood.

Beaver lodge on the shore of Loch Coille-Bhar

Beaver lodge on the shore of Loch Coille-Bhar.

A beaver landscape

This whole area is flooded, or at least much wetter, than it was before the beavers dammed the Dubh Loch. Standing trees have died and are falling, opening the whole area up.

Beaver felling

A tree felled by the beavers beside the track.

Beaver canal

This ditch has been used by the beavers as a canal – in fact, it has been dammed further along to improve it. They’ve been feeding on some of the sticks here at the end of it.

Beaver dam

A small dam on a ditch running away from the Dubh Loch. improving the canal above it. Note plenty of beaver sticks where they’ve been feeding.

Small beaver dam

Elsewhere in the woods, pools have been created by damming small burns. Sticks are laid lengthwise in the water and mud and other debris is pushed up behind it. The mud dam may yet be reinforced with more sticks.

2 thoughts on “A beaver walk

    • This was last Sunday, so before the rules kicked in. I’ve been working from home since Wednesday. However, because I live right out in the country, I can get some decent walks in right from my front door and without encountering anyone.

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